Who We Are

Who We Are:

We are a growing network of those who after the Covid pandemic broke out realized the urgent need and demand for a radically new economy that could get to the root of the global problems that were feeding off one another and spiralling out of control. Many of us lead or are members of organizations which are accredited to the United Nations. A number of us knew Kooistra personally and worked with him before his death. Others are inspired by the Plan and are totally dedicated to its implementation.

We live in a complicated too often conflicted world that is in constant flux and we realize that unexpected opportunities are opening up all the time. We recognized that in all likelihood a bottom up approach to its implementation will combine with a top down one where we as activists within the UN will work with UN Organizations and their Member States to implement it in ways that address the global needs as these emerge and change.

We recognize that the Plan is likely to change as times and needs change. At the same time we are eager to maintain the integrity of the Plan in terms of its economic and social objectives, its inclusiveness and the values it stands for.

All are welcome to join us with their skills, their creativity and sheer willingness to help. Please go to “Join Us” or click on the relevant button in the menu.

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