The Problems:

  • Interesting the United Nations and all UN Member States to adopt the SIFA Plan.
  • Interesting all UN Specialized Agencies in Supporting the Adoption of the SIFA Plan.
  • Interesting people everywhere in the adoption of the SIFA Plan.

Proposed Solution:

  • Showing how diverse aspects of the SIFA Plan can serve resolve problems being dealt with at UN conferences on diverse aspects of sustainability, by means of:
    • Mailings sent out to relevant all UN Member States, prior to each conference;
    • Mailings to the relevant parts of the UN Secretariat and that of the Specialized Agencies prior to these conferences;
    • Mailings to civil society organization who will attend the conference;
    • Building joint positions with fellow civil society organizations, as well as Major Groups and other Stakeholders prior to each conference;
    • Taking the floor during conferences;
    • Talks with delegates of Member States individually on potential benefits of the Plan before, during or after conferences.
  • Continue this until all are familiar with the many aspects of the Plan as a powerful problem solving tool;
  • Encourage grass roots movements, businesses and experts who are already implementing aspects of the Plan to work together more cohesively by finding mutually beneficial ways forward.
  • As support for the Plan grows support UN Member States to introduce the Plan to be adopted by the UN’s General Assembly;
  • Help to midwife the Plan as it is being implemented and being made operational.

The Impact:

  • Member States and people worldwide are encouraged to use the SIFA Plan as a solution to a wide range of problems relating to unsustainable living;
  • All are encouraged to work together knowledgeably for its implementation and operationalization;
  • As people’s focus increasingly shifts from physiological to personal and spiritual development, the size of the Supplementary Income and the Supplementary Economy will grow;
  • Unsustainable growth will tend to make way for immaterial growth that can continue ad infinitum without becoming unsustainable and provide creative jobs and decent work for all.