Inclusive Global Governance

The Problems:

  • Conflicts permeate human relations at every conceivable level:
    • Greed, material and spiritual poverty are leading to the destruction of Nature;
    • Fierce competition for scarce resources are causing distrust and conflict;
    • Emphasis on individual gain overshadows our sense of community;
    • Distrust between people and governments are preventing concerted efforts to come to grips with the pandemic;
    • National self-interest undermines the globally unified approach, without which global problems remain unresolved.
  • We are far behind schedule on meeting the 2030 deadline of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • This race to the bottom has caused us to overstep those planetary boundaries necessary for human survival.

Proposed Solution:

  • Ensure that all people’s basic needs are met through a sustainable global economy;
  • Empower all to participate in deciding together which goods and services can be offered sustainably in the interest of all;
  • Allow social cohesion to build, as each works for their interest and that of others at the same time.
  • Ensure that all are empowered to participate on an equal footing;
  • Help people everywhere to see doable steps they can take personally and as communities toward common solutions;
  • Ensure that each person has support from professionals and a system they can trust;
  • Ensure the system is transparent and can be easily checked by every participant;

The Impact:

  • Feelings of good fellowship will increase as people see their individual self-interest aligned with that of the whole;
    • this will encourage social and economic cohesiveness and an awareness of the advantages and need for sustainability including by living in harmony with Nature,
    • as individuals and communities connect increasingly globally via the Internet and with development initiatives happening elsewhere in the world, international connections will develop based on mutual benefit,
    • This will improve understanding and appreciation between people globally.
  • To know that all are working for a sustainable natural environment that can possibly reverse the global threats to human well-being and survival.
  • Communities throughout the world will suffer from less power struggles and gain ever greater diversity of skills.