SDG 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

The SIFA Plan will connect communities worldwide electronically and via the Internet.

Every year the SIFA participants can choose to spend up to half of their annual sustainable supplementary income on community development. Moreover every year nations and communities will increasingly dispose over SIFA’s as these are exchanged by those working for the Plan for national currencies.

These SIFAs can be used among others for sustainable development of human settlements.

In poor areas, community members can choose to spend funds on developing the infrastructure for clean water, sanitation and energy; schools, etc. In richer communities, people might decide to create greater community self-sufficiency by building libraries, local educational centers, shops within direct reach of all community members, as well as greenspaces for recreational, sporting and educational purposes, which could also form green corridors to enhance biodiversity. People can choose to spend their individual SIFA income on building roof gardens and vertical agriculture for nutritious foods, etc.

Forming communities within larger cities will enhance safety and build community spirit. This will also be fostered by the annual community meetings in small groups to determine which goods and services can be offered under the Plan. With the help of SIFA development workers, information on opportunities for individual and community development will be available to all community members and communities as a whole regarding development opportunities being offered by the UN and its Specialized Agencies.