SDG 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

The change towards more sustainable human consumption and production patterns will be accelerated through the discussion groups that determine each year again which goods and services are sustainable and can thus be offered via the Plan. Focus on sustainability will continue at many levels: both within the discussion groups themselves and via reports from discussion groups further up the chain of decision making which make changes on recommendations from those closer to the grassroots; via advertising of business and industry as these prepare to provide for that year’s market for sustainable goods and services and via the types of goods and services actually chosen by individuals. For instance, health provisions and agricultural processes will tend to function in harmony with Nature. Every year, sustainability will take on an increasingly direct and personal meaning, as people begin to make their choices from the goods and services offered by the SIFA Plan. Larger polluters, such as business and industry, will not only be confronted by the changing insights regarding sustainability, but rather, because the traditional economy and the sustainable supplementary economy will co-exist, they will be able to produce more sustainably as they are ready. The rate of change towards sustainability is likely to escalate, the longer the Plan is active.