SDG 17. Strengthen the Means of Implementation and Revitalize the Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development

The sustainable, supplementary global economy builds a number of partnerships between people from local to global levels, specifically to accelerate the Means of Implementation for sustainable development and each of the SDGs (as described above.)

Partnerships are built in the following ways:

  • From within the individual outwards to impact the family, the local community and other communities and globally as people’s reach grows and they themselves grow and develop into more fulfilled and benevolent human beings;
  • As small group discussions bring people together to decide which goods and services are sustainable in local, county, regional, national and global levels, directly or via explanations of why some goods and services are being considered sustainable for the SIFA Plan that year and why others are not.
  • People are also brought together through the global network of development workers who support the Plan and through the SIFA Administrative Agency that link consumers with producers.

We have discussed the powerful effect the SIFAplan will have on the sustainability of presently existing economies. It will promote technology exchange within and between regions as needed, since individuals and communities would be able to obtain technology both through the Plan, and also via the fast-growing sharing/partnership economy and the increasing number of open source and copyrighted products being offered there. This will be further fostered through increase access to the Internet and increased IT proficiency, stimulated by the administration of SIFA economy and as Internet use becomes more ubiquitous.

Capacity-building will proceed, beginning with individuals and local areas and expanding as infrastructure and needs are developed through the Plan. By setting similar standards of sustainability for all participants [ideally all people], global policy and institutional coherence will further develop.

In this way, partnerships for sustainable development are established at an increasing rate, along with people’s capacity to implement all of the SDGs.