SDG 2. End hunger, increase food security, and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

People will be encouraged both by the Plan and advertising to learn new approaches to sustainable eating practices, food production and agriculture, including ecosystem-based agriculture, such as permaculture. The focus will be on nutrition in foods, alternative protein sources, sustainable eating and farming practices, carbon-footprint of foods, as well as integrating food production into communities. Roof gardens, vertical surfaces and vacant lots can be used both by families, schools and communities. Education, the media and advertising will focus attention on the quality of nutrition in foods. All, including large-scale agriculture, will be encouraged to also experiment with smaller scale sustainable food production in harmony with Nature, such as permaculture and other ecosystem approaches whereby diverse species grow in one another’s vicinity and support, nourish and protect one another, thus making the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides unnecessary. All of these practices will help to end hunger, increase food security and improve nutrition while promoting sustainable agriculture.