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Dear Friends, Teammates and Colleagues,

After the UN’s Transforming Education Summit, (TES), we need a comprehensive global programme to carry forward both the work discussed in the context of Learning and Skills for Life and Sustainable Development, while also financially supporting the many initiatives promoting sustainable development by civil society not mentioned there.

Here’s a link to the description of one such initiative, the self-financing Plan for a Supplementary Income for All People and a Sustainable Supplementary Global Economy for the Earth (the SIFA Plan). This would provide an opportunity for the work being done in the whole area of sustainable development to become better known and financially supported worldwide. Here is a link:

A Comprehensive Approach to Education for Sustainable Development

It is mentioned in more detail on the web site:

We are using the TES as an opportunity to bring the SIFA Plan to the attention of civil society colleagues as well as Heads of State, UN and UNESCO Ambassadors and UNESCO National Commissions. We have translators in a number of the official UN languages.

It would be an opportunity also to draw attention to the work already being done in the area of sustainable development that is building a foundation for the SIFA Plan—work that, in turn, would be supported both financially and in terms of the attention and support it receives, once the SIFA Plan is implemented.

For this reason, we would very much like to draw attention to the work you are doing which is contributing to sustainable development by mentioning it on our web site, , under the heading: Like-Minded Organizations. This section is just now being created.

Here are the links to the respective forms in English, French and Spanish:

Additionally, any endorsements of the Plan or aspects of the Plan are most welcome. These would be placed on the SIFA web site under “Other Perspectives/Endorsers”.)

Just send the endorsement (a phrase or a brief paragraph), together with your name and any description of yourself and/or your organization to Alice Boainain Schneider, SIFA Secretariat,

With warmest best wishes also for the work you yourselves are already doing.

Alice Boainain-Schneider, SIFA Secretariat:

Lisinka Ulatowska, Ph.D., Action Coordinator, .