5. Development assistance has been known to end up in the wrong pockets. How can fraud be prevented.

Fraud and dishonesty plagues every aspect of today’s life. They may therefore well occur in the World Marshall Plan. However, the Plan provides safeguards. These are: No money is distributed as supplementary income. Embezzlement would therefore involve the annexation of goods and services, ordered by another person. This is safeguarded because: Requests for goods and…

4. How can one reach ALL people?

There are regular population censuses in every country, which take between 3 and 14 days to carry out. The U.N. has provided a large number of countries with the necessary technology and vehicles to penetrate the more remote regions. These population censuses are not perfect, but they are likely to improve as technology becomes more…

3. The U.N. has been accused of being an enormous bureaucracy. Will the World Marshall Plan not make the U.N. even more cumbersome?

At present, much effort is made to cut down on unnecessary posts at the U.N., to “rationalize” it, as this is called. The World Marshall Plan which will consist of 2 development workers per 1000 people, and experts to set up and maintain the computer network, has been set up to be a “lean” establishment….

2. Will the World Marshall Plan not produce an enormous bureaucracy?

The bureaucracy of the World Marshall Plan is small in comparison to that used in existing government services. Let us take the Netherlands as an example, because it was here the Plan was developed. In the Netherlands, when the Service for Post, Telegraph and Telephone were still a governmental institution, it employed 100,000 civil servants….