6. Are decisions not imposed on people from above?

Today there are certain substances that are banned: ivory, some hazardous substances, etc. These are banned because they are destructive to humanity or the environment. Such bans will, of course, be honoured by the World Marshall Plan.

Other decisions pertaining to goods and services that are available through the Plan are made in the small discussion groups. These will decide which ones are harmful to the region or the world. For instance, it is unlikely that people would be allowed to use their supplementary income toward a car in New York City. Cars are impractical here and they contribute to pollution, lung diseases, etc. On the other hand, in a rural area, a village might pool their resources to buy a lorry to take products to market.

Each person has maximum freedom to determine the direction of his or her own development and is limited only by considerations with regard to the good of the community and the environment.

The method of decision making, is nothing more than a system for doing things, like electing a government, or making a phone call.

People are free to participate, or not.

Men wishing to dispose of their wives’ incomes or other people who wish to take control have little chance. They are monitored by development workers who come from outside ofthe region