19. As the Supplementary Economy develops, so do the number of U.N. Dollars on the market, will that not smother the traditional economy?

As the Supplementary Economy expands, so does the traditional economy. Better production methods developed for the Supplementary Economy, expanded markets, more durable and less harmful goods and services will have a direct and positive effect on both economies equally. So, both economies will expand. It is indeed likely that the number of U.N. Dollars will increase in proportion to other currencies. They should be seen as an international currency that can be used only for development needs, a currency that, like all other currencies, has its limitations. Russian Roubles, for instance, can only be used in Russia, Euros only in the EU, Chinese yen in China and Syrian Pounds in Syria, U.S. foodstamps can only be used for the purchase of food in the U.S. So, U.N. Dollars can be used internationally, but only for products that promote wholesome development, goods and services that do not harm other people or the environment.