10. Does a free income not increase laziness?

While the supplementary economy will support a percentage of people who are not productive,its ability to grow does depend on people’s will to produce and buy marketable goods and services.

People who are blocked from expressing their creativity, become inert and are called”lazy”. As people discover the spark of their own individuation process, “laziness” is likely to decrease. In the Netherlands, which has a comprehensive social system, many unemployed people do work without pay. They are following their inner spark. In theSupplementary Economy people would be able to get paid for their activities.

Lazy people do not harm the Supplementary Economy, which requires both producers, and consumers to create the markets for the producers. The more producers and the larger the markets, the faster the world economy will grow and the larger the supplementary income of each individual person will be as time goes on. “Lazy” people, who are able to spend money, play an important part in any economy, as employers–people who PURCHASE the goods and services.