24. Does the Marshall Plan continue indefinitely?

The Marshall Plan aims at every level of development, including attitude change. Development on this broad scale is necessary, because destructive attitudes among the rich are as responsible for the world’s environment and economy as the poverty in the developing countries. The Plan is thus NOT AIMED as was the original one, just at the poor. People will be able to work at becoming wiser ad infinitum.

There is always room for both economies: people will always want to have access to good sand services that are not necessarily on the cutting edge of their development.

Initially the Supplementary Economy will gain financially in comparison to the traditional ones. Later a balance will set in. It is important that both economies continue, since only if the choice exists, can the supplementary economy retain its educational value.

The World Marshall Plan has been developed to midwife the birth of a global community. Once people think and act as responsible world citizens, the Supplementary Economy and the traditional economies will approach one another: people will be more inclined to buy wholesome and beneficial goods and services from their traditional salaries. It would not be wise to abandon either of the economies, since people must always retain the choice.