13. How can the World Marshall Plan function in a self-centred world. Does it not require a Utopia before it can be put into practice?

We are rapidly becoming aware that today’s economy is unlikely to provide the happy and fulfilled future people desire.

The Supplementary Economy feeds a person’s deepest desires to become afully evolved and fulfilled human being. This process is frustrated only when human beings are unable to find fulfillment at a point of their natural development.

If they do find individual fulfillment, they undergo an emotional, mental and spiritual development which is as discernable as the physical one by which babies grow into children, these become teenagers, which, in turn, become adults, and so on.

The emotional, mental and spiritual maturation process involves, among other things, anability to identify with increasingly large parts of reality: the self, the family, the world and beyond. This process is stunted if development is not allowed to proceed according to what “sparks” a person’s deepest interests, for this is what enables his or her individual potential to unfold.

By making use of the “selfish” desire for personal fulfillment, individuals’ development through the Supplementary Economy will tend to result in an increased desire to adopt more responsibility and a sense of greater involvement with our world. Following the”selfish” desire for fulfillment of our deepest needs is the only way to achieve true world citizenship.