8. How can one live on U.N. $500?

Five hundred U.N. Dollars are a supplementary income. It is a great deal to a person whoearns $400 dollars a year. To him or her, it can make the difference between survival and starvation, especially if every man, woman and child in a family receives such a basic income.

In the industrialized countries, the supplementary income is enough for most people to want to give thought to how they wish to improve their lives. Since the amount is likely to increase every year, the amount of thought given to one’s own development priorities isalso increased. In industrialized countries,the supplementary income will help to raise consciousness about which goods and services are wholesome and which are destructive.

The consciousness raising process in the industrialized countries will been hanced through the effect of the supplementary economy on markets and therefore on business and advertising. Business will pick up, producers will be enriched and production will increasingly focus on the goods and services that will promote the development of individuals. This will change the tone of advertising, impact consumers thinking, and focus the demand on wholesome products.