21. Who foots the bill, when U.N. Dollars are exchanged for other currencies, to cover the purchase of materials not available through the Supplementary Economy?

The World Marshall Plan is financed by all people in the world. It is the act of producing EXTRA goods and services and the act of buying these that produces the MARKETABLE GOODS AND SERVICES which make it possible to create extra currency responsibly. Under the World Marshall Plan, everyone in the world participates in the creation of the currency by becoming a buyer, i.e. creating a MARKET for the extra goods and services; some are also producers. CONSUMERS AND PRODUCERS TOGETHER CREATE THE MARKETABLE GOODS AND SERVICES. The extra currency can thus be created. This currency could be called U.S. Dollars, French Francs, Lebanese Pounds, or any currency made up specially for the Plan, for all are ideally produced in essentially the sameway.

Because the currency is backed by the marketable\marketed goods and services, it can be exchanged for a national currency as follows: The U.N. Dollars are taken by the bank and destroyed. In its place,an equivalent amount of national currency is produced (printed, minted, etc.) This can be done because the original U.N. Dollars have already been marketed, the energy, goods etc. has thus already become a part of the world economy.The national governments must DESTROY the U.N. Dollars AND THEN CREATE the EQUIVALENT in their own currency. The National currency does not have to be paid by taxes, it has already been backed by the goods and services marketed under the plan.