1. Who will pay for the World Marshall Plan?

In the past , countries would create hard currency, according to the amount of gold reserves they had. This is no longer done.

Today a country creates curre ncy according to the amount of marketable goods and services it has.

Both those who buy goods and services made in a country and those who produce goods and services that are sold are contributing to that country’s wealth.

Since all people in the world would be purchasing goods and services from their $500, ALL PEOPLE, not only the producers, are helping to provide markets for the goods and services that are sold under the World Marshall Plan, and so EVERYBODY IS GENERATING THE CURRENCY FOR THIS SUPPLEMENTARY ECONOMY.

This makes this Plan different from other Marshall Plans. In other Plans the “rich” are asked to provide the money for the “poor “. Here there is a redistribution of what exists. In Kooistra’s Plan, there is INCREASED production, because not only goods and services are increased, but also markets.