25. Will people in “industrialized” countries not have reached a point of satisfactory development before people in “developing” countries?

Poorer rural areas will indeed benefit from technologies available in industrialized areas, and develop accordingly.

Yet, development requires us to evolve at all levels: our inner development will focus onbuilding a sense of social responsibility and community, based on values of caring, sharing and cooperation.

Industrialized countries are officially called “developed” in U.N. terminology, but “developing”, or economically poorer countries often point out quite rightly that community and spiritual development, still prevalent in poorer rural areas, is often lacking in industrialized areas, where the sense of community, has oftenlargely given way toalienation.

Developing countries moreover have often honed their ability to repair broken products–skills which have been largely lost in throw-away economies.

Thus, to a certain extent all areas, all people have ongoing individual challenges relating to development. We can all learn from one another. Development leads to wisdom, saintliness, and levels that are still beyond our comprehension